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R. Seidler

Associate Professor, Movement Science

Rachael Seidler, Ph.D.

1215 Central Campus Recreation Building
401 Washtenaw Avenue
Ann Arbor MI 48109

Phone: 734.764.8186
Fax: 734. 936.1925

Associate Professor, Psychology
Associate Professor, Neuroscience Graduate Program
Research Assistant Professor, Institute of Gerontology

Lab Director: Rachael Seidler

Dr. Seidler completed her undergraduate training in Exercise Science (major) and Biology (minor) at the University of Oregon. She received a master's degree in biomechanics with Phil Martin and a doctoral degree in motor control with George Stelmach at Arizona State University. She then did postdoctoral training in neuroscience with Jim Ashe at the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis VAMC. 

She has been at the University of Michigan since 2001, where she is currently an Associate Professor with a joint appointment in Psychology and Kinesiology. 

Rachael is also a member of the Neuroscience Program and the Institute of Gerontology at U of M. Her research interests include the cognitive neuroscience of motor control and skill acquisition, as well as the interaction between structural and functional brain changes with age and motor performance.

Dr. Seidler discusses her research in this YouTube video


Jan 21, 2014, 9:56 AM