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P. Yuan

Peng Yuan in a Post-Doctoral Associate in the Neuromotor Behavior Laboratory.

Peng is fascinated by how the brain works and changes. In her PhD studies, her research focused on the differential aging of brain structures and cognitive consequences of structural brain aging. She used cross-sectional and longitudinal approaches to investigate age-related difference in brain structure (e.g. regional cortical volume, thickness) and the variability in rates of change. Peng also examined the relationship between regional cortex and cognitive abilities such as fluid intelligence, executive functions, processing speed, and navigational skill. In Dr. Seidler’s lab, Peng will be working on fMRI research.

Peng received a BS degree in biology from the University of Science and Technology in China. Having earned her MA in psychology, she will defend her PhD from Wayne State University this fall.

In her spare time, Peng enjoys inline skating, ping pong, baking and spending time with family.