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M. Ruitenberg

Marit is interested in the cognitive and neural control of movement learning and skill across the lifespan, both in health and neuro(psycho)logical disorders. She is intrigued by the role of cognitive processes in movement, as the involvement of these processes suggests that cognitive control deficits may actually underlie motor deficits. Understanding how movement is controlled at the cognitive and neural level in health is therefore necessary in order to be able to study movement difficulties that arise with aging and various diseases. In the Neuromotor Behavior Laboratory, her research focuses the neural correlates of individual cognitive and behavioral predictors of sensorimotor adaptation, using functional MRI and resting state connectivity.

Marit received her master's degree in social and organizational psychology from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and a master's degree in cognitive psychology from the University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands. In May 2013, she received her PhD in cognitive neuropsychology from the University of Twente. Her work focused on the interplay between cognition, perception and action: she studied context-dependence in sequential motor skill, the development of motor skill across the lifespan and the neural foundation of such skill in healthy young adults.

In the future, Marit hopes to set up her own lab dedicated to the study of cognitive and movement control deficits in movement disorders such as in Parkinson’s disease, and contribute to a better understanding of such disorders.

Outside the lab, she enjoys playing field hockey as well as spending time with friends. Also, when she has the chance, she loves to travel and visit other countries.