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J. Barnhoorn

Jonathan is a visiting doctoral student from the University of Twente, The Netherlands, where he is on the Re-LOAD project, studying motor skill learning in older adults. He is especially interested in sequence learning in the elderly. 

“Research on elderly is of great importance for the aging society. I hope that our findings will eventually lead to a higher quality of life for the elderly, and to a better understanding their capabilities.”

He holds a MSc (research) in cognitive neuroscience and a BSc in psychology from the University of Leiden. He also holds a BSc in communication and multimedia design from the Rotterdam University of Applied Science. Jonathan is particularly interested in the intersection of technology and human behavior, ranging from applied cognitive psychology to brain-computer interfaces. 

In the future, Jonathan sees himself as someone who comes up with creative answers to real-life questions through good research. He hopes to be able to apply his knowledge of aging and cognition while collaborating with an inspired, interdisciplinary team.

Outside the lab, Jonathan enjoys cycling, running and sports in general. He also has an interest in small programming projects, design (graphics and interior) and new technology.