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F. Noohi

Fatemeh’s research is focused on motor learning, aging, neuro-genetics, and vestibular stimulation in balance therapy.

Her first encounter with brain and behavior studies was during her senior year in college, when she studied the role of caffeine intake in memory consolidation in young adults. After graduation, Fatemeh continued her interest in memory and learning while researching Alzheimer disease in rodent models.

She completed her undergraduate training at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Human Nutrition. Upon graduation, Fatemeh did a year of research at the Neuroscience Research Center (NRC) at Shahid Beheshti. Prior to joining the PhD program, Fatemeh completed her masters in Kinesiology at the University of Michigan. She hopes to continue her research in the field of motor learning and continue her current path in academia focusing on motor learning and adaptation. 

When not working, Fatemeh enjoys music, movies, books and having coffee with friends.

Fatemeh Noohi
Doctoral Candidate

School of Kinesiology
University of Michigan
401 Washtenaw Avenue
Ann Arbor MI 48109