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Neuromotor Behavior Laboratory News

Sunday, March 15 - NBL Lab Group, friends & family hit Sky Zone Canton for a unique group-bonding experience! 

New papers from lab group members: 

1. Hoogendam, Koppelmans, Ikram, Boogerd, Seynaeve, Seidler, Breteler, Van der Geest, and Schagen (in press). "Late effects of adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer on fine motor function." Psycho-Oncology. 

2. Koppelmans, Hirsiger, Merillat, Jancke, and Seidler (in press). "Cerebellar gray and white matter volume and their relation with age and manual motor performance in healthy older adults." Human Brain Mapping. Read more at http://bit.ly/1Ku4SXL. 

3. Seidler, Erdeniz, Koppelmans, Hirsiger, Merillat, and Jancke (in press). "Associations between age, motor function, and resting state sensorimotor network connectivity in healthy older adults." Neuroimage. Read more at http://bit.ly/1GoBShe.

4. Kurani, Seidler, Burciu, Comella, Corcos, Okun, Mackinnon, and Vaillancourt (2015). "Subthalamic nucleus – sensorimotor cortex functional connectivity in de novo and moderate Parkinson’s disease." Neurobiology of Aging. Read more at http://bit.ly/1GoC2oU.