NSBRI (Seidler, PI) Bed rest as a spaceflight analog to study neurocognitive changes: extent, longevity, and neural bases. 08/01/2012-07/30/2015, $1,200,000 total costs.

NASA (Seidler, PI) NNX11AR02G Spaceflight effects on neurocognitive performance: extent, longevity, and neural bases. 08/26/2011-08/25/2019, $1,367,325 total costs.

NIH (Seidler, PI) Neural mechanisms of sub-optimal decision making in Parkinson's disease. NIH Intramural subcontract with B. Averbeck, Laboratory on Neuropsychology, 06/22/2012-10/21/2013, $82,386 total costs.

ORA PLUS / NSF “Re-LOAD: Motor skill Learning in Older ADults: neurocognitive correlates, individual differences, and interventions to enable healthy aging”.  ORA Plus international collaborative, W. Verwey PI, R. Seidler, C. Voelcker-Rehage, B. Godde, S. Panzer, E. van Asseldonk CoIs.  R. Seidler portion funded by the NSF.  03/01/2014-02/28/2017, $100,000 total costs annually for R. Seidler portion.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Investigator Initiated Grant (Seidler, Co-I, N. Miller PI) Efficacy Assessment of a Community Based Exercise Intervention for Parkinson’s Disease. 01/01/2013-12/31/2014, $75,000 total costs.

NSBRI (Seidler Co-I, J. Bloomberg PI) Developing predictive measures of sensorimotor adaptability to produce customized countermeasure prescriptions. 10/01/2012-09/20/2015, $1,200,000 total costs. 

NIH (Seidler, Consultant, D. Vaillancourt PI) R01 NS075012 Non-invasive markers of neurodegeneration in movement disorders. 09/24/2012-05/31/2017, $2,454,444 total costs.

UM Gilbert Whitaker Fund for the Improvement of Teaching, in support of Neuroscience Graduate Program Curricular reform, entitled “Neuroscience Graduate Program Curriculum: From Fundamental Knowledge & Skills to Integrative, Critical Thinking”.  01/01/2013 – 12/31/2014, $10,000, plus an additional $10,000 matching funds from the Medical School Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

UM MCubed Interdisciplinary Award (Seidler, PI) – The aging brain, network changes and functional consequences, 01/01/2013 – 06/30/2014, $60,000 total costs.